Mr. Green’s Neighborhood

Update: Slightly tweaked the audio. We all know Jerry Green’s record in our community. Will Plainfield let all of the City become Mr. Green’s Neighborhood, including its schools? You wouldn’t want your kids to watch this new television show. Turn on your sound and listen to the intro song. Vote #2 Rutherford, #3 Jeffers, #7 Bellamy on November 4th.…

Danny Dunn, Jerry Green’s PR man

I really didn’t plan to release this piece, much of which I wrote following Danny Dunn’s speech at the past City Council meeting. Then came this weekend’s campaign fish fry breakfast. Danny Dunn acted so embarrassingly that he felt it necessary to call me afterwards, twice, pummeling me with long, wildly inconsistent, incoherent rants of…

Week in Photos: Cushing’s Disease benefit game & 5k Walk/Run

Cushing’s Disease Charity Football Game As announced in the Courier News, a charity football game was to take place on Seidler Field Saturday afternoon. The proceeds will benefit research into Cushing’s Disease, Plainfield non-profit group C.U.R.E. whose goal is to rebuild community center in town, and towards the medical bills of Erica Brown, a Plainfield resident who suffers from…

Purple Twilight

You may remember that I helped shoot a video with Negros Americanos back in June, right after the primary elections. The video for “Purple Twilight” has just been released by MC Enigma. If you’re from Plainfield, you’ll recognize the Shakespeare Garden, Cedarbrook Pond, and shots around downtown Plainfield as you listen to this smooth one.

Saturday Campaign Fish Fry

Resident Terrence Hooker invites all to the Children First Team’s second fish and grits breakfast, which will take place Saturday 10/18 at 10am at 1086 Kenyon Avenue, near Parkside Rd. We had a great time last Saturday and hope to meet even more of you this time around.