Hands off Syria & thoughts on US Empire

No War With SyriaSo here we go again, a President making the case for war with another country. I had to turn MSNBC off a half hour ago because of the arrogance of the news media that accepts Syria’s use of chemical weapons as a cold hard fact when even the US Intelligence Agencies aren’t calling it a smoking gun, and are clearly using conjecture. For all the reasons we can name that makes Assad’s use of chemical weapons suspect, to say the very least, I won’t focus on that. I just want to briefly point out the bipartisan consensus in this country – the consensus of American empire.

Back in January 2002, George Bush declared Iraq, Iran, and North Korea part of the “Axis of Evil”. A few short months later, Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton declared Cuba, Libya, and Syria part of the “Beyond Axes of Evil”. Bush bombed Iraq and threatened Iran. Obama picked up the torch and bombed Libya, is making the case to bomb Syria, and is continuing to threaten Iran.

There is a tendency amongst the media and American apologists to separate all of these wars. The Iraq war was to protect America and liberate Iraqis. The Libyan war was to rid Lybians of an evil dictator. Now this Syria War is to maintain a “red line” against chemical weapons. Where’s the red line in the Congo, where the largest genocide since World War II has taken place? Where’s the red line in Egypt? If Gaddafi was a dictator worthy of removal, what can be aid about Museveni in Uganda?

Red lines are only drawn when they threaten the interests of the American ruling class. Both parities have us pouring state resources down a bottomless pit of endless war, killing millions and filling the coffers of the rich to preserve US dollar hegemony. Neither party wants the Middle East, with its vast energy resources, to go the way of Latin America, whose leaders blatantly organize amongst themselves for their own interests. Some democracy we have, when there is no mainstream anti-war party in America. Instead of us following the lead of Latin Americans and organizing against empire and in favor of our future and a better future for the planet, we all, blacks, progressives, and union leaders included, hitch our wagons to one of the two parties of the ruling class.

There will be a demonstration against the in Times Square at 1pm of Saturday September 7. On Sunday September 8, there will be a demonstration at Zuccotti Park  – I plan to attend the latter.

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