Fourth of July 2017

On Tuesday starting at 10am, Plainfield held its 94th annual Fourth of July Parade. I took some pictures along the route down Front Street. Sorry for the lackluster captions and narrative as didn’t have much time after editing.    

Opening Day!

While I’m no photographer, let alone a sports photographer who can handle noon-time shadows, it’s still fun to take pictures of children having a good time. On Saturday, I decided to take in the Queen City Baseball League’s opening day and share it with you. For more information about the league, please click here.

It’s not a Paradise

Bixop, one half of Plainfield hip hop duo Negros Americanos, has forced me to stop saying Plainfield hip hop duo Negros Americanos. They’re bi-continental now. This summer, after teaching himself Portuguese (he already learned fluent Spanish), he took his talents to South America – to the megacity of Sao Paulo, Brazil – where he connected with…

BOE no-shows sabotage April meeting

Since joining the Board of Education in 2015, I have decided not to blog much about the school’s governing body. I’ve written (and spoken) a lot about the failures of American education as a whole, I’ve defended a controversial vote of my own, and I’ve even endorsed one slate of candidates – not counting my own…

Jodhpur to Delhi

My last post, late Tuesday, showed (link) my first day and a half in Jodhpur, India, the second largest city in Rajasthan. I stayed in that city from Monday around noon until a Thursday afternoon flight back to Delhi, where I spent Friday and Saturday. It’s Saturday evening now, and I will begin the trip…