Three ways to take a stand this week in Plainfield

March for Equality Much of the nation, and Black America in particular, was outraged by last week’s murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castiles by law enforcement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Saint Paul, Minnesota. As early as Thursday, large demonstrations broke out in many American cities, including Newark and New York City. I took part in both (link).…


#StopPoliceTerror protests in Newark, New York

Yesterday I participated in demonstrations in both Newark and New York City in response to police murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’d guess that at least 4,000 people participated in the New York march at its peak, and there may have been more at the Union…


Fourth of July Parade 2016 (photos)

Yesterday, July 2nd, Plainfield held its 93rd annual Independence Day parade. Here are my photos. Special thanks, and credit, to Elena Rutherford for taking some of these. If you’d like higher resolution images of any of these photos, scroll to the bottom of this post and enlarge them using the thumbnails.          …


Fourth Ward Family Fun Day

As today is the Plainfield Independence Day parade, I figured I ought to finally put up the photos from the Fourth Ward Family Fun Day that took place two weeks ago. I’m a big fan of these family fun days, which have taken place in the First, Second, and Fourth Ward. As far as pictures go,…


The Title

It pays to have a boss who’s a bigger sports fan than I am. Despite time off in the coming month and a half slated for Montreal, Atlanta, and Mexico, when I told him my favorite team won a world championship and I needed to fly out to Wednesday’s parade, the Mets and Islanders fan saw it…


We are Orlando vigil

On Friday evening, the City of Plainfield and S.T.A.G. co-sponsored a vigil in solidarity with the victims of last weekend’s mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando. Around two-hundred people were in attendance. I took some photos.


Lay of the Land (2016 City Council Primary)

Pages could be written analyzing the Democratic primary results in Tuesday’s At-Large City Council race between Councilwoman Reverend Tracey Brown and Councilwoman Rebecca Williams. But I’ll let you interpret the lay of the land on your own, as it relates to local politics. Take a look at the map below, or click here for a larger version. The…